Butterfly Affirmations for Romantic Love, Prosperity, Job & Business, Self-Love, Body Love, Weight Loss, Manifestation

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    These are not your typical affirmation cards.
    The goal was NOT just to create meaningful affirmations that will hopefully foster personal growth, but also to make small art pieces that would add a little bit of beauty when displayed in the home or office, whether on a desk, the coffee table, a nightstand, a shelf or even the bathroom counter. The important thing is for it to be viewed and recited as many times a day as possible – the more, the better. To this end, each set includes a black wooden stand for displaying each of the affirmation cards. It measures approximately 4 inches in length, 3/4 inches in height, and 1 inch in depth and features the word, “Affirmation” in white print.

    Each card, which is packaged in a cello sleeve, measures approximately 3 ½ by 5 inches – give or take – and has been enhanced by both a light glittering and a single coordinating Swarovski crystal rhinestone. The butterfly has a double layer to give it a fluttering wing affect. The cards are double layered.

    There’s no coincidence that butterflies were the choice as the common theme for all these cards. There’s no doubt that butterflies are one of the most appealing creatures in nature and are a popular motif in visual and literary arts. But they were actually chosen here because they offer one of the best symbolic representations of positive transformation. To begin as a not terribly attracting crawling caterpillar and end up as a beautiful fluttering butterfly dramatically represents the most spectacular of change. If you consider that the entire goal of affirmation cards is to positively reprogram our thinking to foster our own change and growth, the correlation seems natural

    These cards were also designed so that you could pick the affirmations to which you personally resonate and identify. We even provide some blank cards for those who prefer writing their own.

    Our affirmations are little lengthier than most, and that’s because we feel that the more on-target and descriptive the message, the better, given the fact that our brains are very literal.

    You will note that some categories have more than one option. This is because sometimes it's beneficial to do more than one on the same topic. You might consider them as mental reinforcements.

    What also makes our affirmation cards different is that you have the option of picking as few as one or as many as 25. They can be packaged in two different sized boxes, or more inexpensively in a cello bag. Our goal was to make them available for everyone.

    Options 1&2 are packaged in a white box measuring 8x5.5x1 inch. They both come with a muslin bag and one wooden stand. Option #1 includes 25 cards; option #2 has 20 cards.
    Options 2&3 are packaged in a white box measuring 6x5x1 inch. They do not come with a muslin bag. They do come with one wooden stand. Option #3 includes 15 cards; option #4 includes 10 cards.
    Option 3 has three different options. All three include a wooden stand. One option is for 10 cards, another is for 5 cards, and a third is for only one card.

    It is important to note that if you're looking for love, for example, it’s recommended that you include affirmations for self and body love, among others, so that you are coming from a place of. o come from a place of love for yourself, recognizing your own worth. It is therefore recommended that you include affirmations for self and body love, among others.
    This is what the cards say:
    #1 Every day & in every way I release myself from all blocks & negativity, opening myself to prosperity, wealth, success & abundance, allowing an unlimited supply of all to flow easily & effortlessly into my life doing what I love most.
    #2 I am incredibly lucky. I attract money like a magnet; it comes to me effortlessly. An endless supply of funds always seems to find its way to me, particularly when I need it the most.
    #3 I not only make enough money to provide for all of my needs, but all of my wants as well. I have no outstanding debt, I have huge bank account balances and a successful investment portfolio. I am in excellent financial shape.
    #4 I am open to receiving money from any number of course, including those that are entirely unexpected, like contests & lotteries. There is an unlimited amount of money in the universe that is available just for me.
    #5 My business is doing better than ever! It’s thriving! I get so many great referrals that I find I don’t even have to advertise anymore! I have more than enough business to keep me & my staff busy & to keep my bank account flush! I am prospering!
    #6 I am ready to land the job of my dreams for which my experience & skillset are a perfect match. This job not only pays well, it offers great benefits & there’s room for advancement. With this job, all of my current career goals will be answered and beyond.
    #7 I LOVE my job! It’s a perfect match for my skillset. I’m paid what Im worth – which is A LOT - & I have excellent benefits. I am recognized, respected & appreciated for all I do. I like my boss & all of my colleagues.
    #8 My business is thriving, despite the economy. People want and are willing to pay the price for the products that I offer. Sales are booming! I am a very successful & prosperous business owner with an income statement worth bragging about!
    #9 My loving acceptance of myself & who I am has an added bonus: I exude a wonderfully powerful & magnetic energy that attracts positive & supportive people & situations into my life.
    #10 I genuinely like myself – exactly as I am. Of course, since I see myself as a beautiful work in progress, I’m also both delighted & excited by the person I’m becoming.
    #11 Because I love my body, I treat it with kindness and respect. I take great care of it. I nourish it with healthy food choices & make sure I get the proper rest & exercise that my body requires.
    #12 I see my body as the beautiful, one-of-a-kind masterpiece that it is. I treat it with the respect, pride & care it so rightly deserves.
    #13 The love & acceptance I feel for my body is not conditional. My body is always beautiful, sexy & desirable no matter what I weigh or my clothing size.
    #14 I am now ready to share my life with someone who is kind, compassionate, supportive, generous, respectful & affectionate. My new love & I bring out the best in each other. Most importantly, we enjoy being together, & we share a mutual attraction & desire for one another.
    #15 I am open to giving & receiving love & to sharing my life with another who is also open to giving & receiving love and to sharing their life with me. I deserve & am worthy of having a loving companion in a reciprocal relationship.
    #16 I now release all of the extra pounds & inches I’ve been holding onto. Whatever the additional weight represents, I no longer have any need for it. I am now free to be my slim, trim & healthy self.
    #17 I am now ready & committed to losing weight through both exercise and a healthy diet. I find myself enjoying both & have discovered that I have all the willpower I need to successfully shed those extra pounds & inches.
    #18 I let go of the past & whatever doesn’t serve my higher good. This includes forgiving those who have caused me any grief. I allow myself the joy of starting over with a clean slate.
    #19 There is no limit to what I am capable of accomplishing. In fact, I can do EXTRAORDINARY things & achieve a level of SUCCESS that exceeds even my own expectations.
    #20 I am ENOUGH, just as I am. I have EVERYTHING I need to be SUCCESSFUL in all aspects of my life.
    #21 My inner critic is fired effective NOW. In its place is my own personal cheerleader who loves me dearly, faithfully supports me, & immediately annihilates any negativity!
    #22 I am the hero/heroine in my life. I use my innate courage, power & skill to overcome whatever challenges come my way, including slaying dragons on an as-need basis. I kick ass & always prevail, opening myself to new opportunities & possibly even a great love interest.
    #23 Loving my body & who I am as a human being makes me feel so much more confident & uninhibited, which makes me even more attractive to others.
    #24 Despite whatever stress there may be in my life, I feel incredibly calm. The kind of calm & well-being that washes over my entire body from head to toe, leaving me feeling completely relaxed and at peace with myself & the world.
    #25 My positive energy easily manifests good fortune, luck & amazing opportunities.
    #26 I am incredibly charismatic. I make friends easily and attract both men & women to me like a magnet, which is great for both my personal & professional life. People like me. I’m simply irresistible.
    #27 Blank Blue & Gold Butterfly
    #28 Blank Turquoise Blue Butterfly
    #29 Blank Pink, Gold & Silver Butterfly
    #30 Blank Light Blue & Lavender Butterfly
    #31 Blank Rainbow Butterfly

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