The Versatile Cupcake Topper

Thu, Feb 1, 2024

WHO KNEW that cupcake toppers could be so versatile?!  Despite their name, cupcake toppers are not just for topping cupcakes.  


Our customers have shared with us a multitude of different ways that they’re using them, and of course, we’ve come up with some of our own that we thought were worth sharing.    

  • You can use them as a garnish on nearly any food item: other baked goods like cakes, doughnuts, muffins and bagels, or to decorate sandwiches, hamburgers, hors d’oeuvres – even fruit chunks.  If you’re entertaining friends and serving food, there’s probably something on the menu that would look adorable with a cupcake topper.   
  • Some of our customers even use them as cocktail garnishes. I would never have thought of that myself!   
  • They’re great for decorating gift packages – just stick them into the bow or under the ribbon. You can also use them for gift baskets or even wreaths. I personally love gifting coffee mugs, and I think it takes the gift up a notch to add a cello bag of Chocolate Kisses with a cupcake topper. (See our video for the Watermelon coffee mug.)  
  •  There are several who have added our cupcake toppers to floral arrangements and plants. Just keep in mind that they’re not waterproof!  
  • Of course, if you bake, homemade goodies are always a welcome gift; and toppers just add a nice finishing touch. Of course, I don’t bake, but I always have Costco muffins on hand and will occasionally give a friend, loved one or neighbor one or two just to let them know I’m thinking of them.  (Of course, truth be told, being so generous prevents me from eating them all myself!) Everyone always seems to love getting a topper. It’s like a bonus!  

 Of course, we’d love to hear any ideas you may have for using   

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